the Band!

the Hype! is Easily the best band in the World
-Steve Albini

The Hype! started out as an ad-hoc rock and roll karaoke band for the more-than-annual PRFBBQ benefit festivals in Chicago.  From 2009 to today, the Hype! has played 100+ songs spanning the history of popular music.  From Prince to Pere Ubu, Black Sheep to Black Sabbath, Louis Armstrong to Led Zeppelin, the Hype! is a supremely talented group of Chicago musicians that can play just about any style of music with the detail and nuance of studied session players and the force and expression of the most ferocious punk band.

the Hype!
Pete Bardouniotis (guitar, vocals)
Liz Bustamante (keys, percussion, vocals)
Dan Costello (drums)
Brian Pennington (guitar, vocals, percussion)
Faiz Razi (vocals, hype man)
Erik Rosengren (bass, vocals)