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Goodwin/Reilly Wedding

A total blast. Pics and Video soon.
the Hype!
Brian Pennington: Guitar, vocals, percussion
Erik Rosengren: Bass
Pete Bardouniotis: Guitar, vocals
Matt Engstrom: Keys
Jim MacGregor: Drums, vocals, guitar
Faiz Razi: vocals, Hype! man

Live Sound:
Jeff Fox

special cheers to

Caroline Nutley:  vocals
Orion and Ellen Layton: vocals
Evil and Willy B: vocals + guitar

and of course, John and Courtney Goodwin. Salut!

the Hype! on WBEZ Wed. July 3rd

Hey All!
The Hype! is pleased to announce that we’ve been invited to play on Tony Sarabia’s Morning Show on Wednesday, July 3rd  The show airs from 8:50am-10:30, and can be streamed on

You can also dial in, if you live in Chicago at 91.5FM

We’re part of their monthly programming of Mash-Ups, where we’ve been challenged to play the music of one song while singing the melody and lyrics of another.  We’re keeping our selections under our hat, as usual.  Tune in for the interview and the music.

If you missed it, the show will also be archived on WBEZ’s site. Link here:

Our wonderful bass player, Erik Rosengren has recently injured his wrist.
While he makes a speedy recovery, the talented Jim MacGregor will be playing in his stead.
Get well, soon, Erik!

As a bonus, here’s an outtake we did, also recorded and mixed by Mary Gaffney.

For those familiar with U.S. Maple, we never rehearsed this before we played it live. For those unfamiliar with U.S. Maple, we rehearsed this hundreds of times, and this is exactly how it’s supposed to sound.

as always, thank you!

the Hype!

Biscan/Fryday Wedding Videos

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We were honored to play the Fryday/Biscan wedding from last summer, which was featured in Rock N Roll Bride.  It was fantastic.  We are pleased to announce the “premiere” of the first two videos, courtesy of Jim Birch and Caffeinated Recordings. More available soon!

Our guitar player, Electro was jet-setting at the time, and could not attend.
We were joined by the exceptional Brent Mix, who added Saxophone, Vocals and Percussion.


the Hype!